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Short Description

Make the epic look even more amazing! Follow me drones are one of our tools. We can add an aerial component to your event to create footage to help your viral campaign. Getting sponsors is all about showing how well you can be marketed, so start the attention off the right way!

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Cost of Work 300 - 3000 CAD
Duration of final edit TBD
An Estimated Time TBD
Extra Work 65 CAD p/h

About The Project

After you reach out we will have a brief meeting to discuss budget, intent and intended demographic to reach. Once we can determine the scope...Then we go to step 2.

Creating a story board. This is a scene description that shows how we will shoot each scene and more details about the how. Then we go to step 3.

On location shooting. Our team will come in and shoot the aerial and indoor (If applicable) footage. Then we go to step 4.

Post production. We take all of the footage and edit to craete a rough cut. Then using your feedback we will tweek until you have the perfect final product. Then you get the final product.